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About accessibility

Accessibility policy

The ATLAS Asia Clinical Trials Network for Cancers Project homepage should be available to everyone, including the elderly and people with disabilities. The goal is to comply with the level "AA" of "Devices, Software and Services in Communication-Part 8341: Web Content".

* The notation "compliance" in this policy is based on the notation defined in the Information and Communication Access Council Web Accessibility Infrastructure Committee "JIS X 8341-3: 2016 Compliance Notation Guidelines for Web Content-March 2016 Edition".


ATLAS Asia Clinical Trials Network for Cancers Project Home Page Web pages under the domain

Target conformance level and responsiveness

Compliant with JIS X 8341-3: 2016 Level AA


  1. PDF (Portable Document Format) file
  2. Services provided from outside and accompanying contents or web pages, images, videos, etc.

* Example of 2.

  • Services provided by google (google custom search, youtube videos, google map, etc.)
  • SNS (Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Multilingual pages generated by automatic translation provided by subdomains

Test results

* Side-scrolling is possible

Subdivision clause Success criteria Conformity level Be applicable Result NOTE
1.1.1 Non-text content A  
1.2.1 Audio only and video only (recorded) A - No applicable content.
1.2.2 Caption (recorded) A - No applicable content.
1.2.3 Audio commentary or alternative content for media (recorded) A - No applicable content.
1.2.4 Caption (live) AA - No applicable content.
1.2.5 Audio commentary (recorded) AA - No applicable content.
1.3.1 Information and relationships A  
1.3.2 Meaningful order A  
1.3.3 Sensory characteristics A  
1.4.1 Use of color A  
1.4.2 Voice control A - No applicable content.
1.4.3 Contrast (minimum level) AA  
1.4.4 Resize text AA  
1.4.5 Text image AA  
2.1.1 Keyboard A  
2.1.2 No keyboard trap A  
2.2.1 Adjustable timing A - No applicable content.
2.2.2 Pause, stop and hide A  
2.3.1 XNUMX flashes or less than the threshold value A - No applicable content.
2.4.1 Block skip A  
2.4.2 page title A  
2.4.3 Focus order A  
2.4.4 Purpose of the link (in context) A  
2.4.5 Multiple means AA  
2.4.6 Headings and labels AA  
2.4.7 Focus visualization AA  
3.1.1 Page language A  
3.1.2 Some languages AA  
3.2.1 When in focus A  
3.2.2 At the time of input A - No applicable content.
3.2.3 Consistent navigation AA  
3.2.4 Consistent identification AA  
3.3.1 Error identification A - No applicable content.
3.3.2 Label or description A - No applicable content.
3.3.3 Error correction suggestions AA - No applicable content.
3.3.4 Error avoidance (legal, financial and data) AA - No applicable content.
4.1.1 Parsing A  
4.1.2 Name, role and value A  

* As of 2022 year