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International medical care

About medical treatment

The ophthalmic oncology department of our hospital has focused on the treatment of intraocular tumors in particular.Along with treatment, we actively respond to second opinions, and more than half of patients nationwide with retinoblastoma (children) and uveal malignant melanoma (adults), which are primary intraocular tumors are being treated at our hospital.For retinoblastoma, in addition to irradiation, systemic chemotherapy, and brachytherapy, we have clinically introduced our own treatment methods such as ophthalmic artery injection therapy (Note) and vitreous injection therapy.For uveal malignant melanoma, radiation, brachytherapy, and eyeball extraction are selected as appropriate according to the patient's condition.
Surgery is the principle treatment for conjunctiva, eyelid, and orbital tumors, but radiation therapy has also been actively used.In particular, eyelid tumors are generally said to have low radiosensitivity, but it has been found that a certain degree of local control can be obtained in most types.The ocular appendage is a tissue prone to low-grade malignant lymphoma.With the cooperation of the Department of Hematology and Oncology, we have carried out systemic examinations, adopted cytological diagnostic methods, and provided radiation-based treatment.On the other hand, there are cases where the disease does not progress even after careful follow-up without treatment.
Currently, we have two full-time doctors and one part-time doctor.We perform approximately 350 surgeries a year, most of which are for malignant tumors, and we do not perform regular eye surgery.About 150 new outpatients are admitted each year, and the percentage is about 40% for intraocular tumors and about 15% each for eyelid, orbital, and conjunctival tumors.
“Sukusuku”, a group of parents who have children with retinoblastoma, is based in our hospital.We are fully cooperating with the study group once a year.We also appreciate their feedback and are working hard to improve our services.

Selective ocular artery injection of melphalan for retinoblastoma is a treatment developed at our hospital, and is performed only at our hospital in Japan. As of the end of 2021,a total of 3465 have been performed in 710cases and 877eyes, 2 cases of severe vasospasm, 3 cases of postoperative orbital inflammation, and 1 case of postoperative transient diabetes insipidus.Eye preservation treatment is performed by combining various methods, but the eye preservation rate when treatment including selective ophthalmic artery injection is performed is 62% (552/877 eyes).